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As a marketeer I had the opportunity of working for several startup companies in the past. One company, launched in 1999, offered similar services as Ebay and had an European footprint in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain and several Eastern-European countries. When I came in the office on my first working day, the office consisted of 6 desks, 6 computers and that was about it. We did not have a working site and sales collateral was not available. Basically, your typically startup situation; highly motivated employees working on materializing a great idea. After one month we got the site up and running and started to contact local and national businesses about offering their obsolete products on our site for auction. Since auctioning products online was pretty new in 1999, only some businesses were interested in putting their products online. So, we started of... (more)

Cloud computing: Vague and yet useful?

You might be looking at possibilities for your business internet infrastructure. Cloud computing crossed your mind but you want to be as far as possible from it. In your world cloud computing is inherent to complexity, insecurity and most of all it’s just a buzz-word for ‘nothing new’. Think again. Or not. Because actually, cloud computing isnʼt new. The underlying concept is quite old, but has expanded over the years to what it currently represents. However, you shouldnʼt be thinking about what cloud computing represents or what the word ʻcloudʼ does or does not mean. Instead, ... (more)

Flexibility Primary Benefit of Migrating to the Cloud

Whilst cloud providers have been primarily focussing on cost savings to persuade companies to migrate to the cloud, a recent study conducted by the Cloud Industry Forum in the UK shows that the agility given to businesses to deliver new services is the primary driver to adopt cloud computing. We can state that the cloud [...] ... (more)

Seemingly Slow Adoption of Cloud

So what do I mean by this? Well if we take a brief look at history we have seen good ideas and new technology provided by the industry that has taken a number of years to really take a hold in the market space.  I think the most recent example of this is the slow adoption of USB. USB was first introduced in the mid to late 1990s with the 1.0 release touting faster I/O over regular serial and able to chain multiple devices. At that time we saw a small number of devices, mainly early webcams and mice keyboard combos.  But really it did not take off until the iterations through ve... (more)

Better service at lower costs with cloud computing

When reading cloud computing surveys I constantly bump into the same arguments why companies hold back from investing in it; evidence of cost savings, assurances regarding reliability, security and potential loss of control. These arguments and concerns reflect earlier concerns when email, the Internet and instant messaging entered the workplace, for example. Confusion all over Although the majority of companies have heard about cloud computing, there is still much confusion about the definition of it. Perhaps this confusion – in combination with ignorance – is responsible for not... (more)